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And inspired Elon Musk and Larry Page

Nikola Tesla circa 1890
Nikola Tesla circa 1890 | Image from Wikipedia, altered by the author

If it weren’t for Tesla Motors, the world still wouldn’t know about the man who gave us electricity (AC).

He also predicted inventions a whole century into the future. According to BigThink,

“Tesla is (…) responsible for a variety of ahead-of-their-time inventions that have stoked the public’s fancy. We are…

And never got to the A list.

Jessica Rabbit | Image by Nathan Rupert on Flickr

The sexy red-haired woman from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) really existed. Some think the inspiration for Jessica was actress Veronica Lake but that isn’t true. The seductive cartoon character was created after Vikki Dougan, a 1950s actress from New York.

Vikki was a stunner: 5' 7", beautiful…

He lived 86.5 years when the average lifespan was 60

Nikola Tesla’s secret to healthy body and mind
Nikola Tesla — Image by Wikimedia Commons, altered by the author

Nikola Tesla left us with more than 700 patents and innovations. Among them are electricity (alternating current), the power plant in Niagara Falls, and a fluorescent light bulb. This futurist also predicted smartphones in 1926, as well as Wi-Fi and self-driving cars.

Known as an ascetic and reclusive man, Tesla…

Until he became a part of global cultural heritage

Popularized cropped version of Guerrillero Heroico — Ernesto Che Guevara
Popularized cropped version of Guerrillero HeroicoChe Guevara | Image by Wikimedia Commons, altered…

Why feel sorry for the guy who killed dozens of people anyway?

Maybe because he truly believed in a better and more just world? After all, Ernesto Che Guevara was against poverty, suffering, and accumulation of fortune. Also, he was cheering for the freedom of the black people when very…

From a common winter sale to a romanticized global phenomenon

A Christmas market
A Christmas Market, Unsplash

In the shortest days of winter, magic comes to the main square: The chatter of people among holiday lights, the smell of mulled wine, and grinning gingerbread men make you forget life will rub and pinch you again in the following year.

Get another ornament for your Christmas tree, buy…

Colonialism, capitalist greed, and individualism are killing us all

Forest fire | Image by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

The Western leaders claim we can’t stop climate change because China and India keep burning too much coal, whereas the developed world is trying hard to go green.

But we forget two facts:

  • The USA is the second top polluter with 14% of global emissions or 5,416 million tons of…

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