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About Me


I’m Maria, a storyteller, Serbian-English translator, content creator, kids’ author, and mom.

I write about everything that makes life worth living: our souls, the past, and how we communicate. My column No-fluff Self talks about everyday life without productivity hacks and quick happiness tips because life doesn’t work that way.

I also wrote a bilingual children’s book: Just a Blackbird — The Story About Growing Up. You can find it on Amazon and Kobo.

My Skills and Contact

  • Content creation (HubSpot…

And inspired Elon Musk and Larry Page

Nikola Tesla circa 1890
Nikola Tesla circa 1890 | Image from Wikipedia, altered by the author

If it weren’t for Tesla Motors, the world still wouldn’t know about the man who gave us electricity (AC).

He also predicted inventions a whole century into the future. According to BigThink,

“Tesla is (…) responsible for a variety of ahead-of-their-time inventions that have stoked the public’s fancy. We are talking about wireless technology, including wireless transmission of electricity, early cellphones, self-driving, and flying vehicles, as well as thought machines and death rays.”

Nikola Tesla is the author of more than 700 patents and innovations. Here are some of them:

  • the Tesla coil — a transformer which produces high-voltage AC…

And never got to the A list.

Jessica Rabbit | Image by Nathan Rupert on Flickr

The sexy red-haired woman from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) really existed. Some think the inspiration for Jessica was actress Veronica Lake but that isn’t true. The seductive cartoon character was created after Vikki Dougan, a 1950s actress from New York.

Vikki was a stunner: 5' 7", beautiful eyes and cheekbones, long legs, rounded bum, and breasts you’d like to say Hello to. She was well aware of her physical appearance. Why not use it to get into the movie industry? Funnily enough, she didn’t become a new Marilyn Monroe.

At 105, Brunhilde Pomsel still didn’t feel guilty for obeying orders

Joseph Goebbels giving a speech
Image from Bundesarchiv, Bild 102–17049 by Georg Pahl on Wikimedia is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

76 years after World War II ended, Germany is prosecuting 100-year-olds for Nazi crimes. With the rise of the new far-right, the officials are determined to finish with their dreadful past for good.

This year a 94-year-old woman faced a charge of accessory to murder and complicity in attempted murders in the 1940s. Thing is, she was a secretary at the Stutthof concentration camp as a teenager. Also, they have accused a 100-year-old former guard of assisting in the murder of 3,518 in Sachsenhausen.

According to a new German model of personal responsibility, both of them supported the Nazi killing…

Don’t generalize, go small instead

A woman with a box on her head that shows worry, anxiety, and bad habits
Image by Ryanniel Masucol on Pexels, altered by the author

Ok, I’m officially too old to ever be fit again. I’m only 42 but I’ll never get rid of medications. I’m too inert and don’t eat like normal people. And I’ll never put myself first.

I didn’t do anything physical for five years. And COVID-19 made me sluggish and regular with McDonald’s. My hair was falling off in handfuls and I still didn’t have time to exercise or plan meals ahead.

But when my period started going wild like a blister in the sun, I remembered all those exotic women’s diseases and panicked. …

Remember you’re a rose.

Yell and red-petaled rose
Image by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

Long before he came to a monastery in Thailand, Nick Keomahavong was a young guy from West Coast who was into psychology and dancing. He had a busy social life but also suffered from a constant sense of heaviness. While he watched his friends become the heart of the party, he felt like a frustrated little wallflower.

And so he found a CBT therapist — a kind woman with an eclectic approach. As she built a rapport with him, the therapist gave Nick tools on what to do in large crowded places: Don’t try to be the center of the…

It shows history is a fragment of the truth

Socrates (left) and Plato (right) as the members of The School of Athens, painted by Raphael (1509–1511)
Socrates (left) and Plato (right) as the members of The School of Athens, painted by Raphael (1509–1511) | Image by Wikipedia, altered by the author

Socrates and Plato pretty much defined Western civilization two and a half millennia ago. But how much do we know about them without Google?

Socrates is the father of Western philosophy. He questioned everything and everyone including himself.

His famous quote: “I know that I know nothing” (Latin — “Scio me nihil scire”) denotes that the more you know, the more you realize how much you still don’t know. This is something only wise people are aware of. The arrogant think they know everything.

Socrates believed people’s primary motivation is happiness and the ultimate wisdom comes from knowing yourself well…

#2 Your “if-this-then-that” stories aren’t true

A man yelling and shaking his head
Image by Abishek on Unsplash

The disaster always looks real. While I was translating content for an eye clinic website, I found myself in every other illness. My eyes were often dry. I couldn’t see subtitles in a movie anymore. A cataract? Macular degeneration? I had something in the white of the eye that didn’t look like a capillary. An eye cancer? My father had it.

I hadn’t been to the optometrist for five years, so I booked a medical check immediately. Turns out I’m fine, she just changed my diopter.

As you can see, I tend to catastrophize.

Catastrophizing is a thinking habit when…

#6 Limit your dinner.

Buddhist monks in front of the altar in Bangkok, Thailand
Buddhist monks in front of the altar in Bangkok, Thailand © by Evan Krause on Unsplash, altered by the author

Nick Keomahavong was just another guy from San Diego when he decided to do something big with his life. He was already a practicing psychotherapist, a YouTuber, and a hip-hop dancer but it wasn’t enough for him.

He wanted to boost his healing process and help others even more. And so after eight years of practice, he moved to Thailand and became a Buddhist monk.

But he didn’t lose touch with the Western world. Nick is active on YouTube and writes books. He talks without any fluff about mental health from the aspect of Buddhism. …

Maria Milojković, MA

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