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And inspired Elon Musk and Larry Page

Nikola Tesla circa 1890
Nikola Tesla circa 1890 | Image from Wikipedia, altered by the author

If it weren’t for Tesla Motors, the world still wouldn’t know about the man who gave us electricity (AC).

He also predicted inventions a whole century into the future. According to BigThink,

“Tesla is (…) responsible for a variety of ahead-of-their-time inventions that have stoked the public’s fancy. We are…

And never got to the A list.

Jessica Rabbit | Image by Nathan Rupert on Flickr

The sexy red-haired woman from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) really existed. Some think the inspiration for Jessica was actress Veronica Lake but that isn’t true. The seductive cartoon character was created after Vikki Dougan, a 1950s actress from New York.

Vikki was a stunner: 5' 7", beautiful…

Colonialism, capitalist greed, and individualism are killing us all

Forest fire | Image by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

The Western leaders claim we can’t stop climate change because China and India keep burning too much coal, whereas the developed world is trying hard to go green.

But we forget two facts:

  • The USA is the second top polluter with 14% of global emissions or 5,416 million tons of…

№5 — Win people to be happy.

An elder man smiling — 10 toxic convictions to avoid for a happy life
Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Experientia docet, said ancient Latins or in plain English — experience teaches like nothing. But getting it hurts. And even if you decide to welcome new struggles and persevere like a stoic, this isn’t enough to be satisfied.

What stands in the way of your fulfillment is your own ideas…

Human remains will be recycled into a soil fertilizer

A sprout growing out of mulch | Image by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

How do you deal with the fear of death? Reincarnation is a nice way to find comfort but it doesn’t work if you rely on scientific facts. How do you chill about dying when you know you’ll cease to exist one day?

Maybe rely on science in the first place…

#4 Togetherness

A Danish flag and an ancient Buddhist temple Asakusa Senso Ji in Tokyo
Images by Mark König on Unsplash and Chicocvenancio with the Archive Team on Wikimedia Commons licensed under CC BY 3.0, altered by the author

Recently I’ve read a book on Danish parenting and a Zen gardener’s life advice. Surprisingly, they give similar tips on how to be happy.

#1 Reframing

In challenging situations, Danes don’t consider their viewpoint as the truth. They avoid dramatic language and look for neutral or positive details. …

The astronomer’s dystopian vision looks as if he had had the time machine

Carl Sagan designed the Pioneer Plaques which were placed on board the 1972 Pioneer 10 and the 1973 Pioneer 11 spacecraft in case they came across extraterrestrial life
Carl Sagan designed the Pioneer Plaques which were placed on board the 1972 Pioneer 10 and the 1973 Pioneer 11 spacecraft in case they came across extraterrestrial life| Images by Wikimedia Commons, altered by the author

Most people know Carl Sagan for his TV series “Cosmos” where he successfully explained scientific phenomena to common people. This astronomer first worked as an associate professor at Harvard and later became a book author. …

And it’s usually a drama.

Tragedy and Comedy — the way your mind dramatizes your experience
Tragedy and Comedy (Scarbrough Hotel, Bishopgate, Leeds) | Image by
Tim Green
on Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I’m terrified of illness, especially cancer. No wonder, my grandad died of a throat tumor. My father had his eye removed because of it. But that’s not all. I see it everywhere because I’m a hypochondriac.

Ever since I can remember, my mom rushed me to the doctor for a…

Maria Milojković, MA

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