Maria Milojković, MA
Maria Milojković, MA

Hello, I'm Maria Milojković, an English-Serbian translator and content creator from Belgrade (Serbia).

Although I earned a fancy master’s in postmodern English literature, I had to do whatever they told me.

And so I:

✔ taught bored teenagers, ✔ translated manuals for a smoking machine, ✔ and whispered into the CEO’s ear at meetings.

And I translated a lot in these 19 years: from rock concerts to art, from finance to legal contracts and foreign trade. My latest translation from Serbian to English is an art book published by Central European University. You can buy it online from Barnes & Noble.

For the last few years, I have built my career online as a content creator and author by telling stories in native ads, brand journalism, and historical articles.

Also, I'm a big psychology nerd, so I took a Yale course a few years ago.

On Medium, I write about everything that makes life worth living, our souls, and the past. The only things I don’t write about are productivity hacks and quick happiness tips because life doesn’t work that way.

If you liked my articles about the past times, follow my new publication Fragments of History. And if you prefer reading about our souls and life in general, follow From Maria With Love.

Also, I've written a book.

When my twins were little, I wrote a bilingual children’s book Just a Blackbird: The Story of Growing Up. It is about a tiny outsider who looks for love and happiness.

You can find me on Substack or send me an email at

And here is the link to my most popular stories this month.

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Maria Milojković, MA

Maria Milojković, MA

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