I have just been thinking about this “follow other people” tactics. I love Tom’s work, he is a really generous and engaging writer.
The point is that people take his advice for granted and copy the principle just aiming to get noticed on Medium.
I contacted an influencer here once. He was so open to talk and told me my portfolio looks great. He asked me about my profile on Medium. I said I am completely new here and I didn’t hear a word from him since then :)
I commented the other day on another guy’s article (which I really liked) aksing him to tell me anything about my writing (I am hesitant to start, I would need some advice from someone who writes well). Again, didn’t hear a word from him.

Seems to me that Medium is becoming a place for pure self-promotion (although there are so many high-quality articles) and that is a downer.

Yes, we are all here to read good stuff or get noticed (or both), but it is becoming a bit of a hard-core capitalism here.

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