Hi Heather.

When I saw the “slut” in the title, I thought: “What did I write to deserve this qualification?” ☺

I agree with you on so many points. Medium is overwhelmed with clickbaity posts with too little substance. However, with thousands of new articles per week, readers have to skim and choose just those that caught their eye. So, as online writers we have to juggle between the “look at me” title and the “I really have something to tell you” body.

Thank you for reading my post, I am glad you find it useful. My other post deals with the most common cliches I’ve found here, I think you will like it:

“Medium writers, be careful what you write (about)” https://writingcooperative.com/medium-writers-be-careful-what-you-write-about-1251e8a35d8e

Lucky you for having the privilege to write within the MPP (I can’t, my country is not on the list for the program). Best of luck with your posts with a star ☺

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