I always blamed myself if I saw the bad part in good-but-not-great opportunities. I would choose to do them anyway because people say a new opportunity doesn’t come everyday, so better do something than nothing. Then I chose to give up on everything and just write a children’s book I planned for a couple of years.

I haven’t written anything on Medium for 3 months. I haven’t given up on the platform and am planning to get back here. I also want to promote my book soon not expecting great sales which may seem ridiculous. The book is quite good but my aim is to learn the whole content marketing process devoting a whole year to it. Again, I am choosing a specific thing not knowing what I will do in one year. It would be wiser to create a local Facebook community than do something I don’t know anything about. But this is a little my great drive and I hope I will persevere.

Thank you for your insight. A great read.

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