It took me a few weeks to start loving my babies. I gave birth to twins at 35 and didn’t know who I was anymore (I wrote about it). Love comes with time. And trust me, the more you spend time with the kid, the more struck will you get by it afterward. And you will catch yourself in those goofy situations you never thought could happen to you such as: “Oh, look how cute she is when she says “tata”!” (a baby like every other, not the most beautiful nor the brightest)

Kids are exhausting. It gets better the older they are. But they need supervision for years. You eat not when you’re hungry but when you’re free. BUT you get used to it. Every milestone they pass makes it a bit easier for you. And then, one day, you just realize this is your most fruitful achievement. You have someone you invested so much energy in that you simply just love (and nothing else). You will feel the fruits of parenting after a while. It seems too far in the future now but it will become a present when you’ll tell yourself:

“I’m glad we have her.”

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