It’s always difficult to parent, Kyrie. No matter how old you are. I gave birth to twins at 35.

Also, there’s a genetic factor which you cannoy change, so if you opt for a donor baby, you’d better know a donor very well — there is a better chance of knowing hereditary illnesses and the father’s temperament. Trust me, this is a huge thing when raising a child. I’m not talking discrimination, I’m talking the approach to the child.

Yes, children can make you nervous. You can get bored with them when they are small. You often worry about their wellbeing. But my good side is — I slowed down and got a clear focus. And I give love. That’s something.

Adopting is also fine .

Whatever you choose, be prepared to some self-sacrifice for love. Raising kids really takes time and energy. And you come second for at least several years.

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