J.A., thank you so much, for your response and the compliment.

I suppose a majority of online readers are like Marilyn Monroe “impatient and a bit insecure” ☺ So they can’t read long posts or make a real effort to change.

But “How to do 10 things in 2 minutes and become infinitely rich and happy”… There’s no becoming better overnight, put some effort, for f**s sake and wait.

I must admit, I am also impatient when online — there’s too much content you don’t want to miss out, so you quickly skim and scan. But a very good read can keep me for 25 minutes.

Regarding personal problems and confessions — I’d be really careful about that. Mental problems are still a great taboo, people can be branded as lunatics for trying to be cool and vulnerable writers.

Medium is generally treated like some kind of bulletin board. So unless you are someone’s follower, there is a high chance that you will binge read instead of watching TV (says a person who can’t get herself to finish a children’s book).

I have another post about good sides of Medium coming soon.

Wish you all the best on the platform.

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