Motherhood is such a lonely place for new moms. I felt so lost and unfulfilled with my twins. I was too old and jaded for a lovely girl and boy.

You don't need mom groups as much as you need a person you can trust to be with the baby for 3 hours while you go out, eat without being interrupted, and wash your hair. You need to NOT hear any baby sound because the rest of your being needs time to energize.

Parenting is tiring. Being a new mother is one of the biggest stresses in life. Your whole identity is erased the moment you have to feed and wash somebody's feces before you even have breakfast. It takes time to find a new one.

Remind yourself the baby needs love to grow - that's why she is calling you. And you need some time to love yourself and find peace of mind so that you can give more of your love. Ask people you trust to help. Direct your child to your husband every time she asks you something.

It gets prettier and more beautiful though. It gets easier over time.

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