No, I didn’t say that socialism is the ultimate solution. My country was socialist and it didn’t work out. I said socialism has great ideas. But those in power are not Plato, so it can’t work out without modification.
Who said France and Sweden are socialist countries? They are countries where great social ideas got implemented into capitalism; so, it’s feasible.

You do not connect socialism with the USSR and China only since there are socialist parties in a majority of European countries (including the EU).

Solving greed is a philosophical issue — it isn’t solved in your country as well since the top 10% of the households own about 80% of the American wealth. The top 0.1% owns the same amount of assets as the bottom 90%. Has anyone used force because almost 300 million people “enjoy” mere 20% of wealth?
(see the link below)

I could write about this for days but would you change your mind? I don’t think so, so let’s not waste our time.
If you are happy with your current model, I’m happy for you. But if I had to choose between living in the US and Sweden/France, I wouldn’t choose the US.

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