Socialist medicine was just as good as any Western medicine. I don’t think Yugoslav doctors were lagging behind their Western colleagues. They were following the newest trends in medical treatments. I can’t tell about other communist countries, I didn’t see it for myself.

And if you ask me, France is great compared to other Western countries. If their citizen consciousness and Scandinavian social policy don’t save us all, I don’t know what will. The people’s welfare should come before big capital. We just have to persuade those 42 people who own a half of the world’s capital to chill a bit.

Life is never perfect wherever you are —the USA, China, Russia, or Denmark. However, the local media and governments are shaping their peoples’ minds about proper lifestyle and faraway countries with different social structures. This is why we travel, gain experience, and read different authors. This is the good side of having friends from abroad, the internet, and wanderlust ;)

Fingers crossed for the yellow jackets to change something for real.

Thank you for reading ☺

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