Thank you, Assam, I try to write what’s useful to others.

Frankly, I haven’t read much about Grammarly. I know people complain about it but here is my take:

  • I write articles in English but I communicate with people in my mother tongue (it’s a Slavic language)
  • Google tracks your data. So does Facebook. And Instagram. And other social media apps.

If you are going to use any social media or apps which are free of charge, you have to know that they are taking from you something in return. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

I became aware that my phone and computer are sources of information for marketers (those apps sell your information to third parties) when I spoke on the phone with my cousin about laser eye surgery. 30 minutes later I get an add on my Facebook feed about laser eye surgery. And then — on Instagram.

Google tracks you when you go out for a walk. They know where you’ve been and what means of transport you took. So, I trick Google and leave my phone at home because I don’t like to be spied at for no reason.

The best way to stay protected is not to use Google or any social media at all. But if you use them for work and communicate via them with your family, there is very limited space for you to act freely.

I have been thinking about deleting everything but it’s impossible at the moment since I still need the apps.

There is no right answer. The decision about what to do is up to you.

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