Thank you very much for your thorough reply. The good sides of the European social system originate from Socialism (again, the very much hated concept im the US) — the basic idea behind the communism.

Dictatorship is never good. Luckily have “mild” Tito instead of Stalin; but there are always people who suffer because of it. Still, Yugoslavia was in so many ways a beautiful country. Nowadays, millions of former Yugoslavs have emigrated to the Western countries in search for better life. The current ecenomies of the former republics are lead by the representatives of the former Yugoslav State Security Administration and the 1990s war profiteers.

However, as you said, the alternative to communism is also poor substitute for the good life. Globalisation has made capitalism just another kind of slavery. Something has to change. Fingers crossed for the Yellow jackets to start changing the essence of the system. I really wish them to succeed.

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