The idea of socialism isn’t bad at all. On the contrary. It gives people free universal healthcare and education. You don’t live to pay your mortgage. Problem is, people behave like animals. Give them power, and they’ll turn into predators, in either capitalism or socialism.

Most people in my country (Yugoslavia) lived dolce vita for decades while benevolent dictator Tito was alive. We lived the live of higher middle class off Western loans. Still, the country was fsr from perfect. Once the old man died, the country went bankrupt and Yugoslavia broke down in a civil war. Thirty years later peoples of this former country still don’t live well. Ex communist politicians and new calitalistic tycoons took away everything they could. People either emigrate or work for peanuts in wild-west capitalism.

Socialism is a wonderful thing if you live in a country with strong legal and political system, like Sweden or France. But these countries also have big problems. They still rely on capitalism and socialist reforms are mainly about social issues.

Man is a corupt creature. Give him power and watch him turn into a greedy monster.

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